Pero AG | Advanced parts cleaning machines

PERO AG, parent company of PERO CORPORATION, develops and produces innovative machines for the cleaning of parts made from metal, plastic, glass, ceramic and combined materials.

Manufacturers all over the world use our machines to clean their parts prior to shipping or installation to the technical cleanliness standards they require.

Made in Germany - German Engineering for American Standards

Cleaning machines

Standardized and customized cleaning technology for the efficient and cost-effective wet cleaning of workpieces.
Whether automotive, aerospace, jewelry, watch-making, lighting, electrical or optical industry, machining or non-machining production - Pero has the right cleaning machine!


A reliable hotline service, preventive maintenance services and process optimization guarantee an optimum availability and process quality for perfectly cleaned parts.

Cleaning methods

Use optimal process steps for the pre-cleaning, intermediate cleaning, final cleaning and also preservation of workpieces that are tailored to your manufacturing process.

Cleaning processes by Pero:

PERO is your trusted partner for degreasing, cleaning and preservation of parts along the entire production process contamination in form of particles or films is removed in efficient processes in order to achieve defined technical cleanliness.


Our machines are engineered and manufactured in Germany. We achieve the highest quality through a modern manufacturing process. Pero builds the machines in series, which keeps the costs low.

The machines are tested and delivered to you ready to use. Our local US service technicians commission the machine and train your operators.


Avail of our cleaning machines based on different methods and technologies to devise a cleaning solution that meet your specific needs – with the proactive assistance of PERO specialists.